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February 2008 Spring and summer 2008 promises to be a busy time at DRAGON. We have begun modifications to the detector station at the end of the separator, in anticipation of proton capture experiments with beams of radioactive Mg-23 in June and stable S-33 in August.

The upgrade consists of:
  • a modification to the mounting of the foil-mirror-MCP detector and addition of a second foil-mirror-MCP to measure local time-of-flight of the recoil heavy ions with an anticipated resolution of several hundred picoseonds
  • rearrangement of the end station slits and Faraday cup. (The Faraday cup and MCP no longer will occupy the same space in their In positions!)
  • simplified, more compact mounting box for a si strip detector
  • better arrangement of vacuum components, with added pumping

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